Camping Games for Your Next Trip

September 18, 2023
Camping Games for Your Next Trip

A good camping trip is all about having fun and making memories. Camping games are a great way to do both! No matter if you’re a game night champion or just passing time, it’s always exciting to learn a new game or play a family favorite. From traditional games like ladder toss to exploration games like a scavenger hunt, there are so many fun camping games to try on your next trip.

So pack up your board games, bean bags, and thinking caps; it’s time to play some camping games!

Camping Games To Play on Your Next Camping Trip

Playing games is a great way to bond, laugh, collaborate, and pass the time. Friends can get together for a little friendly competition while parents can enjoy showing their kids some of the games they played growing up. You can even take advantage of the games found right here at the resort!

Cornhole– Cornhole, like ladder toss, is one of the most tried and true camping games. This simple yet exciting game is played by tossing sandbags into your opponent’s board. If your bag makes it into the hole, you earn points. The truth is, it’s just fun to toss stuff around!

Charades– One word, sounds like…parades! This is one of those camping games that gets the whole family laughing. Act out different characters and let your audience guess at your performance. You can’t talk though and can only show them your role. The result: charades is a hilarious game to get everyone engaged.

Good ‘old fashion board game– There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned board game. Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, Yahtzee, even checkers and chess are fun ways to pass the time or weather a rainy day.

Scavenger hunt– Camping is a great way to get outdoors and explore. What better way to do that than to turn exploration into a camping game! A scavenger hunt encourages kids to enjoy the natural world, finding and learning along the way. You can even use a scavenger hunt to explore local museums and art galleries. You simply create a list of things you want to find, and you go find them!

Resort games– Many awesome resorts like Open Air Spicewood have games you can play right there on site. For example, you can see who has the highest score at ping-pong or try your hand at the pickleball court.

What Are Your Favorite Camping Games?

There are so many fun camping games you can play, from outdoor activities to rainy day board games. And there’s really nothing better than coming together and playing together. So book your Open Air resort camping trip and let the games begin!

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