RV Decorations for the Holiday Season

November 28, 2023
RV Decorations for the Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for decorating! You don’t have to miss out on the festive cheer of the season just because you’re in an RV. In fact, you can add all the holiday cheer you want! Whether you’re just a weekend warrior or a snowbird on the run from the bitter cold, you can still decorate to bring in some seasonal spirit!

Here are 10 RV decorations that are perfect for celebrating the holiday season.

10 RV decorations to consider this holiday!


Handmade Garland

These seasonal decoration makes a great craft or family activity. Stringing together dried oranges, cranberries, popcorn, candy, or a combination of any of them, makes a great holiday garland.


Pillows and Blankets

It’s amazing what a couple of pillows or a throw blanket can do to add holiday cheer to your RV. A bright red pillow or fuzzy flannel blanket can be all it takes to cozy up the place.



Curtains are simple because they don’t take up room and they serve a purpose. Swapping out your normal curtains for some holiday ones is an easy way to save space.


Flannel Print

If you haven’t already, it’s time to bust out the flannel! Red and green flannel can be a subtle way to bring holiday colors into your RV.



Sometimes a simple wreath is all the decor you need to celebrate the holiday. With so many different sizes and types of wreaths out there, it’s easy to incorporate them into your space.


Table-Top Christmas Tree

You can still have a Christmas tree in your RV! It may be a small tree, but it’s not the size so much as it is the joy it brings you.


Let There Be Light!

Twinkly lights, colored lights, candles, and more, nothing says holiday RV decorations like bringing in some shine!



Pinecones are a natural way to spruce up your space. They are a reminder of the seasonal changes happening all around.



You don’t have to have a Christmas tree to enjoy your favorite ornaments. You can hang them on a pine garland or a string of lights.


Pine Garland

Speaking of pine garland, it’s one of those perfect RV decorations that brings in the holiday spirit.


Which holiday RV decorations will you try?

Tiny spaces can still hold big cheer with these 10 RV decoration ideas! From wreaths and garlands to Christmas lights and curtains, there are so many accents that can bring in the holiday spirit. Even changing your color scheme can shake things up! Your decorations can reflect the seasons and still save on space.

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