Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Camp!

February 12, 2024
Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Camp!

Does that mom figure in your life love the great outdoors? Does fresh air, natural scenery, and getting away for a while seem like their ideal vacation…? Then it’s time to start looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for those moms who camp! From outdoor camping gear to a resort-style camping trip at Open Air Resorts Spicewood, we have a gift idea for every kind of camping mom.

So let’s start planning that special Mother’s Day gift and let your mom know how much you care.

14 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Mom

Whether your mom is into rustic great outdoor camping or cozy, resort-style glamping there are so many awesome gifts out there for every special experience. From practical camping gear to a camping trip she’ll never forget, here are a few gifts to consider this Mother’s Day.

1. New camping chair

Let mom get cozy by the campfire in a new camping chair.

2. Outdoor rambler or coffee cup

The best Mother’s Day gifts are filled with wine or coffee.

3. Campfire blanket

A great poncho blanket or fuzzy fleece can make great campfire gifts.

4. Camping table

A place to set her new outdoor rambler…

5. Customized camping decor

A rug or a camping flag with your family’s name on it is a personalized way to show you care!

6. Soy or Beeswax Candles

Campfire, pine, or woodsy candles let your mom get the scent of the great outdoors from wherever she is.

7. Outdoor meal set

Utensils, plates, and cups, all packed up and perfectly portable.

8. Hiking gear

Hiking and camping go hand in hand; get your mom some new hiking shoes, poles, and other gear.

9. Camping journal or scrapbook

This is a great gift for mothers who like to document their special moments and memories.

10. Portable phone charger

Never let her phone run out of battery!

11. A new tent

Give your mom the Mother’s Day gift of more space.

12. Nature jewelry

She’ll love a nice pair of earrings or charms that represent her love for the great outdoors.

13. Camping bag

Find the perfect bag to fit all that awesome new camping gear.

14. A trip to Open Air Resorts Spicewood

From rustic tent camping, a stay at Open Air Resorts is a Mother’s Day gift she’ll always remember.

Get your mom the gift of the great outdoors! This year, your Mother’s Day gifts are centered around cozy campfires, big open spaces, and a resort-style stay in the heart of Texas. Celebrate Mom at Open Air Resorts, and treat her to the perfect camping trip in the perfect location. Besides, she’ll need a place to try out all that new gear!

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